Sunday, February 6, 2011

My Tears Blind Me

My tears blind me

and I fall at Your feet again.

Abba, please pick me up

and hold me close.

I brought this on myself,

I know.

My focus shifted

and I allowed my eyes

to seek and go after sin.

Oh, You could have stopped me,

but You love me too much to do that.

A Gentleman, You never come


no matter how much I need rescuing.

So, I acknowledge my sin.

I repent of my sin.

Now I reap consequences

of that sin.

Now I hurt.

Now there is so much pain.

Like a prodigal

I ask for Your undeserved forgiveness

and mercy.

Father, I am sorry

that I turned away from You.

I never want to turn away

from Your love


1 comment:

  1. Pandora, you are my child and I love you so much. Keep your eyes on Me. My Son Jesus has you wrapped in His arms, His nail scarred hands enveloping you. Let Him hold you, my daughter. Your Father God